Your Wedding Photographs

Photographing Your Wedding

One of the biggest decisions (among the many) you have to make concerning your wedding day, will be the photographer. You want put these precious memories in the hands of someone you can trust. You will be taking a big risk if the photographer is no someone you know to be professional and who will guarantee the results.

The official wedding photos are most likely the best visual record you will have of this very special day in your life. A beautiful wedding album that can be displayed in your home and shared with
friends and family who visit throughout the years is not even outdone by a video of the wedding. Even if it is a state of the art kind, with animation and vocal.

Finding a Photographer

You should look for certain criteria when you are interviewing photographers. Find out how much experience they have with weddings, first of all. Ask to see some samples of other weddings they have photographed before.

Make sure the photographer is able to use creativity and originality in his studies, besides looking for the quality of the photos. You will want to look at the pictures of the ceremony and the reception, group pictures of the wedding parties and families, as well as individual shots.

You want to see photos that have a natural feel, and that don’t all look posed. But, you will want some portraits as well. Look around some more, if this work doesn’t please you.

The wedding album of shots that have been set up by the photographer should have a mix, such as group shots of the wedding party, the families of the bride and groom or the newlyweds alone. Don’t just concern yourself with the kind of photograph. A good photograph will reflect the full range of human emotions and you want to see love, humor, pride etc., on the faces of the people who are sharing your wedding with you.

Part of your wedding album should not show stiff, serious, emotionless faces. You want this keepsake to be special, but it would be a shallow record of such and exciting day, if none of the faces showed emotion. So, make sure you find a photographer who can capture the emotions of all of the people in your wedding.

Meeting with the Photographer

Meet directly with the photographer who is going to be photographing your wedding and speak with him or her directly. Make it a point! Do not make the assumption that the person at the studio who’s showing you the samples of their work will be the one who’s going to do your wedding.

Meet with your photographer to review any questions, concerns or to give specific instructions. Since style of photography can vary, look at the samples of the specific photographer who will cover your wedding, and discuss workmanship, type and quality of the photographs, pricing, special effects, retouching and charges for proofs. All this should be done before the wedding.

Viewing the proofs

Many studios now offer viewing of the proofs online. If that is an option that is available, you will be able to make a lot of decisions regarding your album in the comfort of your home. Friends and family may also be able to view online, and add their input. Get the web address of the photographer to be able to do this.

Work out a payment plan

You may need to work out a payment plan with the photographer, since this whole project may be very expensive. If ordering online is an option in addition to viewing online, be sure that the packages offered, including the prices are clearly defined.

Designing the wedding album

Some studios will also design the album for you as well. There are few things quite as exciting as a wedding, and the amount of money that’s required to obtain a photographic history of it can be exorbitant. Although there’s a great deal to do in preparation for that special day, don’t skimp on the time that it takes to ensure a truly memorable photographic experience that can never be