Your Wedding Flowers

Both decoration and an unforgettable wedding tradition, wedding flowers occupy an important spot in the kind of wedding you have always dreamed of. If you want to do your own wedding flowers, now is the time to start learning how to make the arrangements.

You want your roses to look fresh and beautiful. That’s simple to do. Just follow the steps provided below:

Step 1: Caring for Your Flowers

This is also called “conditioning.” You should do this first step as soon as you bring your wedding flowers home.

Designed to fully hydrate the blooms, the conditioning process helps perk up your wedding flowers and get them ready for arranging.

Step 2: Set Aside a Special Room

It is important that you set aside a special room for conditioning. Since this room is also used to store and arrange your wedding flowers, it should have the following ideal conditions:

  • Temperature between 65-70 degrees
  • Away from direct sunlight and away from direct heat sources and drafts
  • Off-limits to pets and children
  • Enough space for all of your helpers and supplies

Step 3: Prepare Your Workspace

To start working on your wedding flowers, you need to equip your workspace with the following basic items:

  • Five-Gallon Buckets – One bucket per three to four bunches, or 75-100 wedding flowers, should be enough. These buckets are available at your local hardware store or online big home improvement stores for about $3.50 a piece. Do not use buckets that have been used for cleaning because they may contain residue from detergents that may harm your wedding flowers.
  • Drop Cloth – Alternatively, you can also use an old bed sheet or a plastic painting drop cloth and lay it down on the carpet. Another option would be an inexpensive shower curtain liner.
  • Sharp Utility Scissors – You can find these from almost every craft or home improvement store. Get several pairs, especially if you have friends and family helping you prepare your wedding flowers.
  • Chairs and Tables – This, of course, is a given. You’ll want a few places for you and your helpers to sit on. Tables you need if you are making large arrangements.
  • Garbage Bags – For easy clean up.

Step 4: Enlist Your Friends’ Help

Not only is this going to make the work easier, it could also move the work faster. Plus, don’t forget the fun factor in socializing as all the lovely wedding flowers emerge from the box, looking and smelling wonderful.

Step 5: Roll Up Your Sleeves

Now, time for the real work to begin. First, rise out several of your clean buckets and fill them halfway with warm water. Then, use your utility scissors to snip away the straps that hold the wedding flowers in the box. Remove the excess foliage with the scissors. Be sure not to let the foliage fall into the water as this will decay, introducing bacteria and shortening your flowers’ life.